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Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University

Browse over 250 images in The Culinary Arts Museum collection from Johnson and Wales University to see fascinating insights into 20th century American dining culture. Images include menus taken from restaurants across the USA, as well as historical recipes and nutrition and serving guidelines.


Health and Diet

In modern society we are obsessed with wellness, health, and diet. It is impossible to escape advertising and social media, new technology, or diet trends proclaiming the health benefits of particular vitamins and supplements, plant-based diets, or a new app to monitor your daily calorie intake. But what impacts do these food beliefs, eating habits, and cultures really have on our health and on the global food industry?

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What Are Dietary Supplements and Should We Take Them?

R. E. Hughes looks at how we use supplements in our diets and how we should do so with caution. Learn about three substances which do not fall into the conventional categories of ‘dietary components’, and yet are considered to improve dietary effectiveness.

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How Does Advertising Affect Our Diet?

We receive a daily bombardment of adverts telling us how we can improve our health and lose weight through dieting. Does this advertising actually help us to make more informed choices or is it just a marketing ploy? Consider how advertising shapes our perceptions of food and affects how we eat with Qian Gong in Warren Belasco’s Food Words.

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Meat Eating and Diet

As a person’s income increases studies show that they don’t actually buy more food but they do consume a more diverse range of foodstuffs – fewer carbohydrate staples and more meat, dairy, fruit, and vegetables. Look into why this happens with Brian Gardner and what the impact is of an increased demand for certain foods by economically richer countries on less economically developed countries, and how we will be able to continue to fuel the population by 2050.

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Food Addiction

Is food addictive? Some people certainly think so. Find out about the science behind the claims and learn about the hormones that control our feelings of hunger and satiety, the neurotransmitters that regulate our feelings of pleasure in relation to food, and how addiction is being discussed in our culture of consumerism.

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The History of Homeopathic Remedies

In A Hermit’s Cookbook you can explore the medieval monastic garden and find a plant-based cure for nearly every ailment. Dandelion will treat a bowel disorder, and sea kale will cure your scurvy!