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Global Food Histories is a unique collection that combines Bloomsbury’s digital excellence with Reaktion Books' market-leading food studies content, featuring over 120 eBooks to support the study of global food cuisine and food history. This rich, cross searchable module brings these key eBooks together in a single online package on an unlimited user basis, made available as part of the Bloomsbury Food Library digital hub.

Content highlights include:

  • Scholarly research on key topics such as global food cuisine, food history and cultural food studies.
  • Over 80 eBooks from the pioneering Edible Series, featuring illustrations, recipes and reference material.
  • A selection of standalone eBooks from the Food Controversies series covering topics such as food waste, fast food and global meat consumption.
  • EBooks from the Food Nations series exploring cultural food histories from countries including India, Vietnam, Italy, America, and more.
  • An update collection with an additional 13 eBooks from the Reaktion Books front list is available to bolster the core collection. Download the title list above to learn more.

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