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Global Food Cultures brings together 54 market leading monographs and reference works to provide a thorough exploration of global cultures though the unifying lens of food. This vibrant collection delves into food cultures from around the world, exploring topics such as the history and traditions of cooking and eating, the intersectionality of food and religion, food and social change, the dynamics of food and family life, and food and art, to name a few. With an inclusive range of titles and a truly global perspective, Global Food Cultures is a valuable research tool for students new to the topic, as well as instructors seeking to expand their courses and enrich their research.

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Content highlights include:

  • A dynamic collection of 54 eBooks, reference works and key monograph series
  • 5 major multi-volume reference works spread over 12 volumes, including Food and World Culture, Cooking Through History, Food, Feasts, and Faith, and more
  • 6 single volume encyclopedias and handbooks exploring topics such as street food across the globe, vegetarianism, global food and culture, and food in world mythology
  • 11 standalone monographs exploring key areas of food history and culture such as African American food culture, Latino food culture, food in modern pop culture, food and the family, obesity
  • 20 eBooks from theFood Cultures in…’ series, including studies of India, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, and the near East, Middle East, and North Africa, to name a few
  • 5 eBooks from the ‘Food Culture of…’ series, including in depth studies of Israel, Japan, and Mexico

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