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Dirt and Development: Alternative Modernities in Thailand

Dirt : New Geographies of Cleanliness and Contamination

I.B.Tauris, 2012

Book chapter

...In the centre of Bangkok is an imposing shopping mall surrounded by gardens and rising up as a black, marble-clad dedication to consumerism and a progressive Thailand. Next to the mall sprawls a large slum community, the occupants of which...

The Origins and Dispersal of Rice Cultivation

Food History: Critical and Primary Sources : Origins

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book chapter

...Domesticated rice (Oryza sativa) is one of the five major crops in the world and a staple food for more than 30% of the world population. Yet the question of where, when, why and how the domestication of rice originated has been, and still...

Dispatch: From Farm to Cup

Global Brooklyn: Designing Food Experiences in World Cities

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021

Book chapter

...From Bangkok to Chiang Mai It was at a café restaurant, Man and the Figs in Sukhumvit, Bangkok, where Mr. Suradech shared his passion for coffee and clean food. The café serves artisanal drinks, including handcrafted kombucha, kimchi...


Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia Volume 3 : Asia and Oceania

© ABC-Clio Inc, 2011

Encyclopedia entry

...Overview Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, headed by the longest-ruling monarch in the world, King Bhumibol Aduladej. Bangkok, the capital, dominates the economy and culture of the country. The Thai...

Thailand: The Political Economy of Post-Peasant Agriculture

Asian Smallholders in Comparative Perspective

Amsterdam University Press, 2019

Book chapter

...The situation of smallholders in Thailand presents a number of puzzles. Agriculture has long been commercialized, yet the pattern of landholding remains based on the smallholding. Agriculture has declined as a proportion of GDP and young...