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Italian cuisine in Japan and the power of networking among cooks

Food, Power, and Agency

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Book chapter

...Itameshi is a portmanteau coined by blending the words Italia and meshi, which in this context means food or meal.Itameshi refers to Italian cuisine that is either traditional or has been adapted to suit Japanese taste. Starting in the late...


The Cambridge World History of Food

© Cambridge University Press, 2000

Encyclopedia entry

...Rice and Staple Food Rice has long been the main staple of the traditional Japanese diet. It is not only consumed daily...

Japan: Banqueting Beyond a Bridge of Dreams

Kaori O’Connor

Kaori O’Connor is an anthropologist at University College London (UCL), UK. Holding degrees in anthropology from Reed College, Oxford University and UCL, she has written widely on the anthropology of food, won the prestigious Sophie Coe Prize for Food History in 2009 and is a frequent media commentator. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The Never-Ending Feast : The Anthropology and Archaeology of Feasting

Bloomsbury Academic, 2015

Book chapter

...There was food, six trays made of nettle-tree wood with mother-of-pearl inlay. The surface was embossed in places. The cloth too was intricately woven and inset with ivory. The food boxes, chopstick-rests, sake cups and bowls had all been...

The Shadow of Shinoda Osamu

Writing Food History : A Global Perspective

Berg, 2013

Book chapter

...Shinoda Osamu and Food Research in East Asia In his distinguished speaker lecture delivered at the meeting of the Council on Nutritional Anthropology at the 2001 annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Sidney...

The Movement to Reinvigorate Local Food Culture in Kyoto, Japan

Food Activism : Agency, Democracy and Economy

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

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...Introduction In 2010 the media corporation Food Channel compiled a list of food trends it expected to increase in popularity the following year. Number three on the list was a phenomenon called “Local Somewhere” that acknowledged...
...Vegetarianism in Japan Many Western vegetarians express feelings of frustration at the lack of meat-free options in Japan, with vegans finding it almost impossible to eat...

Priestess of Sake: Woman as Producer in Natsuko’s Sake

Culinary Nationalism in Asia

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Book chapter

...Introduction: Regendering the Japanese drink As it does elsewhere, the act of drinking alcohol in Japan holds historical, political, and social significance. Who is drinking, with whom, and where? Is the drinking...
...The words for Japanese cuisine ( washoku 和食, Nihon ryōri 日本料理, and honpō ryōri 本邦料理) date from the late nineteenth century and are meant to identify a native dietary culture against Western and Asian foods that became...
...Introduction On 4 November 1871, distinguished foreign officials residing in Japan gathered for a dinner party organized by the Japanese Foreign Ministry and commemorating the emperor’s birthday. The party took place at the Hotel...


Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia Volume 3 : Asia and Oceania

© ABC-Clio Inc, 2011

Encyclopedia entry

...Overview Japan is a group of over 3,600 islands that is 2,174 miles (3,500 kilometers) long, roughly the area of California but without its expanse of habitable terrain. Steep mountains cover over 80...