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Between khatm-e qur’ans and slametans: Gender and class in South Asian and Indonesian interdomestic rituals

Food, Faith and Gender in South Asia : The lilaCultural Politics of Women’s Food Practices

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Book chapter

...Introduction The historiographies of South Asian and Indonesian Islam – both regions on the periphery of the Muslim heartland – highlight the way scholarly traditions gloss over apparently quite different, yet startlingly similar...


Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia Volume 3 : Asia and Oceania

© ABC-Clio Inc, 2011

Encyclopedia entry

...Overview Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia and shares land borders with Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor. Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation, consisting of 240.3...

Palm Oil

The Cambridge World History of Food

© Cambridge University Press, 2000

Encyclopedia entry

...The oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) is a native of West Africa. It flourishes in the humid tropics in groves of varying density, mainly in the coastal belt between 10 degrees north latitude and 10 degrees south latitude. It is also found up...

Who Defines Babies’ “Needs”?: The Scientization of Baby Food in Indonesia

Why Food Matters : Critical Debates in Food Studies

Bloomsbury Academic, 2021

Book chapter

...Introduction Recently, there has been a broad shift in the discourse of the Third World food problem from food quantity to food quality, from hunger to “hidden hunger,” and from famine to micronutrient deficiencies. In this new framing...