Home Cooking in the Global Village

Home Cooking in the Global Village: Caribbean Food from Buccaneers to Ecotourists

by Richard Wilk

Richard Wilk is Provost’s Professor of Anthropology and Director of Food Studies at Indiana University. His recent books include Home Cooking in the Global Village (2006) and Fast Food/Slow Food (2006). Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Berg, 2006
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    978-1-3500-4768-6 (online)

    978-1-8452-0359-7 (hardback)

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    First edition
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Home Cooking in the Global Village
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Winner of the Society for Economic Anthropology Annual Book Prize 2008.

Belize, a tiny corner of the Caribbean wedged into Central America, has been a fast food nation since buccaneers and pirates first stole ashore. As early as the 1600s it was already caught in the great paradox of globalization: how can you stay local and relish your own home cooking, while tasting the delights of the global marketplace? Menus, recipes and bad colonial poetry combine with Wilk’s sharp anthropological insight to give an important new perspective on the perils and problems of globalization.