Prospero's Kitchen

Prospero's Kitchen: Island Cooking of Greece

by Diana Farr Louis

Diana Farr Louis

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and June Marinos, Judith Ann Lawrence

Judith Ann Lawrence

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(Illustrated by), John Miller (Photography by)
Diana Farr Louis and June Marinos, Judith Ann Lawrence (Illustrated by), John Miller (Photography by)
I.B.Tauris, 2012
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    978-1-78076-136-7 (hardback)

    978-0-75569-361-0 (online)

    978-0-75569-359-7 (epub)

    978-0-75569-360-3 (epdf)
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    First Edition
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Diana Farr Louis and June Marinos, Judith Ann Lawrence (Illustrated by), John Miller (Photography by)
Prospero's Kitchen
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Corfu, Kefalonia, Zakynthos and the other Ionian islands are home to one of the finest cuisines of the Mediterranean. The stamping-ground of Captain Corelli and Lawrence Durrell, the Ionians have always held a particular, almost mystical, fascination for visitors, and, for many of the thousands who travel to the region each year, it is the special nature of Ionian cooking that forms an essential and unforgettable part of their experience. The recipes in "Prospero's Kitchen" come mostly from family notebooks handed down through the generations and reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Ionian cuisine. Together, they provide a unique and tantalising taste of the variety of Ionian cuisine. Featuring over 150 easy-to-follow recipes as well as fascinating information on Ionian cooking and customs, beautiful photographs and original illustrations, "Prospero's Kitchen" is an essential kitchen addition for anyone with a passion for the beautiful and lyrical Ionian islands.