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      Food Cultures of the World reveals how much we can learn about a different culture from its food choices, food preparation rituals, and eating habits. In this comprehensive four-volume reference work, Ken Albala and a team of dedicated food scholars cover Africa and the Middle East, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, and Europe to track systematically through a spread of countries in each of these regions. For every country featured there is a Food Culture Snapshot, an exposé of the Major Foodstuffs, Cooking, Typical Meals, Eating Out practices - where relevant - and entries on Special Occasions, Diet and Health, as well as region-specific traditional recipes. Accessibly written and vastly wide-ranging in scope, the volumes are dotted throughout with exciting recipes for the reader to try. Through the presentation of aspects of cuisine and food-related habits together, Albala et al move towards a theory of food culture.