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... 10.5040/9781474245326.ch-011?locatt=label:secondary_bloomsburyFoodLibrary Dunbar R.I.M. 2017. “Breaking Bread: The Functions of Social Eating.” Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology 3, no. 3: 198–211. Evans Bryce. 2014. “Selling Out on the Revolution for a Plate of Beans.” In Communal Dining in Peru...

Nutritional Reform and Public Feeding in Britain, 1917–1919

Proteins, Pathologies and Politics : Dietary Innovation and Disease from the Nineteenth Century

Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Book chapter


...In the popular British memory of the world wars, food rationing has come to obscure the major public feeding schemes undertaken by the state. In Britain during the Second World War, there existed a vast network of over 2,000...