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Death at the Drive-Thru: Fast Food Betrayal in Bad Taste and Poultrygeist

Cynthia J. Miller

Cynthia J. Miller is a Scholar-in-Residence at Emerson College, USA, and a cultural anthropologist specializing in popular culture and visual media. She serves on the board of the National Popular Culture/American Culture Association, and is Treasurer and Governing Board member of the International Association for Media and History, as well as Director of Communication for the Center for the Study of Film and History. She also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Popular Television. She is the winner of the James Welsh Prize for lifetime achievement in adaptation studies and the Peter C. Rollins prize for a book-length work in popular culture. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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What’s Eating You? : Food and Horror on Screen

Bloomsbury Academic, 2017

Book chapter

...Mario Cortini and Philip Nutman, “Profile: Peter Jackson: Master of Bad Taste,” Gorezone 5 (January 1989): 20.In 1976, the first McDonald’s arrived in New Zealand, beginning a gradual shift in the nation’s food consumption emphasis from...

Bound Bodies

Fat : Culture and Materiality

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book chapter

...The provocative book on fat identity Revolting Bodies? begins with a question: “Are fat bodies revolting?” (LeBesco 2004: 1). In posing this question, the author introduces the dominant discourse of the fat body as the abhorrent body, while...


Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia Volume 3 : Asia and Oceania

© ABC-Clio Inc, 2011

Encyclopedia entry

...Overview Aotearoa, or New Zealand, is an island nation located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, separated from Australia by the Tasman Sea. Aotearoa is usually taken to means “land of the long white...

Food and the Audit Society

The Handbook of Food Research

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...Introduction The study of new methods of food auditing provides an interesting avenue into a range of issues in food studies. While comprising a relatively new focus for food research, the study of what...

Australia and New Zealand

The Cambridge World History of Food

© Cambridge University Press, 2000

Encyclopedia entry

...Australia and New Zealand are Pacific Rim countries situated on the southwestern edge of that vast ocean. But although Australia has been peopled for at least 50,000 years (some now say 70,000), and New Zealand for just over 1,000...

Food supply policies

Brian Gardner

Brian Gardner has been analyzing, writing about and commenting on European and international agriculture and food policy developments for more than thirty years. Notable publications include European Agriculture: Policies, Production and Trade, Growing Pains: New Europe and the CAP in The Perfect Union? New Europe and the EU (edited by Roger Gough) and A Guide to the Reformed CAP. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Global food futures : Feeding the world in 2050

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...Governments throughout the ages have sought to direct, control, and regulate the production of food. Almost always the primary objective was to ensure security of supply. In the ancient world the pharaohs of Egypt famously imposed...