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Tourism, Seafood Memories, and Identity: Lessons from Roatán, Honduras

Food and Identity in the Caribbean

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Book chapter

...The links between food and culture have long been explored in anthropology. In the past, food was more likely to be treated as the material embodiment of culture, but in recent years food has come to be understood as a medium through which...

Information and Democracy in the Global Coffee Trade

Food Activism : Agency, Democracy and Economy

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

Book chapter

...For over twenty years, the global coffee trade has been a focal point for food activism. From fair trade to organics to sustainability programs like shade-grown and bird-friendly certification, the coffee sector has been the locus of novel...


Food Cultures of the World Encyclopedia Volume 2 : The Americas

© ABC-Clio Inc, 2011

Encyclopedia entry

...Overview Honduras, or Guaymura as it was originally called, covers approximately 43,000 square miles, with 510 miles of coastline, in Central America. Bordered by the Gulf of Fonseca on the south...