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...Introduction In this course, we investigate the stark disparities in nutritional well-being around the world and seek to understand in what ways agricultural systems of food production have played a role. Much of the food that we eat has...
... socio-economic status but they can also be recast as symbols of cultural dearth (Hull 2014). Protests against a Japanese-owned supermarket in China show that supermarkets can become the objects of wider political tensions (Wang 2010). Claims to food...

Bringing the City to the Country: Supermarket Expansion, Food Practices, and Aesthetics in Rural South Africa

Food Between the Country and the City : Ethnographies of a Changing Global Foodscape

Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

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...One day during fieldwork, I sat waiting for a friend in a large grass-roofed rondavel that was one of a group of buildings clustered on a hillside in a village located in the north of the province of KwaZulu-Natal. A rondavel...